* Disposable Pee Cup

for Active Families

* Discreetly Fits in Your

Back Pocket or Bag

* Includes Liquid Absorbing

Granules for No Mess

* Reseals for Convenient

& Easy Disposal
* Works for Girls, Boys

& Adults

Go Whenever, Wherever!

When there are no clean, public restrooms available--long car rides, camping in the woods, hiking in the mountains, outdoor festivals, urban cities--there is To Go-zie! Our foldable, portable and discreet pee cup is anatomically designed for girls, boys and adults. It contains liquid absorbing granules for no mess, and seals for easy and convenient disposal.

When you've gotta go,

you've gotta go

Simply pop open To Go-zie Pee Cup, position and go! When finished, reseal and dispose in trash. 

Go Twinkle Inc. | Patent No. 9,744,068 B2

Tarpon Springs, FL 

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